• The Tribe Strength & Conditioning (map)
  • 827 East Rector Street
  • San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • United States

The Tribe Strength & Conditioning Pricing

(30% Discount)

·        Initial Visit: $39

o   3 Day Food Journal Evaluation

o   Food Frequency Questionnaire

o   Health Assessment Evaluation

o   Set SMART Goals & Plans

·        One on One Nutrition Counseling: $29

·        Customized 30-day Meal Plans: $59

o   Based on NUTR Gaps and Needs

o   Based on personal goal and plan

o   Based on Budget

o   Based on allergies and likes/dislikes

·        Store Shopping Tour: $42 (Family/Couple), $59 (Groups)

·        Cooking Demonstration [In Home, Office or meeting space]: $42 (plus small cost of food)

·        Nutrition Workshops [In Home, Office or meeting space]: $42 (1hr), $59 (with Cooking Demo)