By: Matthew Molpus, Nutritionist

What happened to the thought of what you grew or knew is what you ate?   Well our society has evolved into a culture of convenience and luxury. We shop at supermarkets and expect them to provide year-round availability to buy whatever we want whenever even when it’s not in season. Now we enjoy the convenience of our food but can’t deny the fact that perhaps we have created some of the problems we face as a nation that stem from processed and outsourced foods that fail to provide nutrient dense options. If we could get back to enjoying delicious local and seasonal foods we could positively influence our health. The question is what does it mean to eat local?

Eating Local means incorporating seasonal foods into our diet to receive the following benefits:

   Experiencing flavor vs. good looks: Purchase produce in season for flavor rather than good looks where out of season produce has a makeover from wax, chemicals and preservatives.

   Connecting to real food: Make a conscious effort to buy SEASONAL food to connect with the food on your plate while enjoying delicious food.

   Benefiting the Local Economy: Commit to buy locally produced food that will benefit the local farmers, environment and your personal health.

   Gaining access to locally grown food: Buy from local Farmers’ Markets to gain access to locally sourced food that will provide many benefits while promoting LOCAL food.

   Cooking with creativity and flexibility: Develop delicious seasonal dishes that will captivate your plate and provide adventure in the culinary world.

   Understanding the nutritional value of fresh food: Make healthy selections from produce picked at the peak of ripeness and EAT in season to provide a rainbow of colorful and diverse foods that provide a higher nutritional content with compounds that help us prevent disease (phytochemicals.

   Savings in your pocket: Choose produce in season because when it’s more available it’s cheaper.

   Planting your food: Experience planting your own food and educating those you love of the importance of FRESH food.

   Knowing your food and those that grow it: Enjoy the tastes, challenges, relationships you develop with local farmers, and the knowledge of knowing you’re doing something great for yourself.

Support your Local Farmers’ Market and put into practice the meaning of Eating Local!