Happy Kids are those who Eat Right

            August is when parents start to anticipate kids returning to school. It’s around this time we scramble to get new clothes, school supplies, snacks and everything else prior to the big return.  August is also promoted as kids eat right month in hopes to create healthy habits. I’m often asked questions about the importance of breakfast, shopping smart, healthy meals and snack ideas for the kiddos. We get to teach on these and more exciting topics every week at True Wellness. What I know is that every parent should desire to raise a healthy, happy kid.

            What are the kids eating this summer? A key to kids eating healthier is to get them involved in the cooking. Kids like to cook and feel empowered to help make decisions around the dinner table. Depending on the child’s age they can wash produce, set the table, make meatballs, stir, crack an egg and even help create recipe ideas. Another key is to ensure there are healthy options readily available for meals and snacks. It is important to make sure there are fruits & veggies, whole grain options, lean meats, plant based protein options (ie. peanut butter), and low fat dairy options. The variety of food groups will help them create meals and snacks based on MyPlate messages found at choosemyplate.gov. This is a great resource for your family to discover tips and tricks on how to create a healthy plate and snacks that fit your needs. Since the Dietary Guidelines for Americans of 2015 you can find fun initiatives and challenges around creating healthy plates while tracking your daily consumption at supertracker.usda.gov. The kids can also get involved by visiting eatright.org/resources/for-kids where they will learn the importance of healthy eating. If you will allow me to say the information is here you just have to want to make the lifestyle choices around healthy living for your family.

           There are so many resources to live a healthier, happier life and it is important to start with the next generation. Our kids are the future so we at True Wellness focus on them with our “Healthy Cooking for the Next Generation” classes. We invite students 5th-12th grade along with their families to participate in an eleven week program where we discuss a new Nutrition topic, kitchen skill and recipe each week. The best part is we create a healthy meal together and they get to take home the ingredients to duplicate that meal. The fall program will begin on September 7th. You can find more information and register on our website at TrueWellnessSA.com. Till next time we hope you stay Truly Well!

By: Matthew Molpus, Nutritionist