Will your food establishment be put on blast?

As I read through last weeks dirty food establishment list on mysa I wondered if any of the victims anticipated the cost? The cost of turning up on a list of dirty restaurants creates problems with customer trust and is certainly a hard sale to redeem at the expense of non-compliance. The responsibility of any food establishment is to serve safe food and create a culture around food safety. The aim should be compliance around the clock with consistency at the helm steering the sails towards a pro-active team delivering great food and service. No one should procrastinate towards an anticipated inspection to aimlessly hope all will turn up well. Each establishment counts the cost of marketing to build a good report and drive traffic through the door. Do you really want to go backwards with a bad food safety review?

That is why we provide Food Safety Management Certification as an innovative, crash course (4 hr training, max 2 hr exam), with a nutrition professional that is fun and provides applicable tips to apply to the establishments now. This is an incredible opportunity at a low cost to equip you as a manager with all the need to know information to maintain a safe food establishment, train food handlers on necessary SOPs, prepare you for audits/inspections, and much more. Our goal is to equip the entire food industry such as Restaurants, Food Trucks, Farmers Market Food Vendors, Caterers, Retailers, Product Manufacturers, etc. The Food code states that at least one Food Safety Manager is required per shift. If you wanted to take the course online you would need to hire a proctor to be present.

Our national accredited course is an incredible hands on, classroom learning environment where folks gain tremendous value. With the online courses most simply fall asleep and press a button until they get the right answer with no knowledge gained or material refreshed to provide creative strategies to reduce the $15 billion food borne illness problem in the U.S. Let's work towards creating a culture around food safety.

We are also now providing consulting on product development and manufacturing along with Food Safety Audits, HACCP Training and plans to put into practice. We hope you will take advantage of this course and look forward to serving you.

To see last weeks list of dirty food establishments click below. Our aim is to never have you on this list.