March is jam packed with exciting food events such as SA Flavor with 30+ local Chefs preparing a beautiful network scene with delicious samples and drinks. Austin's SXSW is hosting convergence tracks where the food track alone has over 40 events to choose from by some of the community's most inspired entrepreneurs, chefs, scientists, investors, filmmakers and enthusiasts all looking to transform the industry. Look for us at both events we would love to connect. 
It is National Nutrition Month and the theme is putting your best fork forward with simple swaps to make a lasting impact. New Years resolutions have come and gone and now is the time to march forward with controlling what you put in your mouth to create a healthier lifestyle. Take simple steps by learning how at our Healthy Cooking Class on March 21st where a healthy delicious dinner will be provided. Nutrition is the key to quality of life, producing the results you want to see daily in each area of your life.

In Food Safety News the lastest scare is listeria in artisan cheeses. If you are a cheese connoisseur with Vulto brand on hand you want to take precautionary measures to rid that cheese. Carefully remove the cheese to disgard, thoroughly wash and santize your hands along with everything the cheese contacted in order to properly remove the dangerous strain. To learn more go to

If you will allow me I'll put one more shameless plug for our upcoming Food Manager Training on March 16th at Launch SA to learn more click 

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Matthew Molpus